How to Pay

How To Pay

We currently accept E-Check, Credit/Debit and PayPal & Square payments

The ONLY reason eChecks are safer than accepting debit/credit within the marijuana industry is because of one simple reason: Marijuana is classified as a “high risk” product within the banking industry, and they have completely banned it from processing throughout the PCI departments across the country. Any company accepting payments must have a processor/payment gateway that is “PCI” compliant in order to keep everyone “following the rules.”

For those of you that are wanting to purchase using a Debit/Credit card, you have the option to select PayPal, Square, & paying with Credit/Debit via the check out. We accept PayPal & Square payments. 

We are using a “high-risk” solution for payment processing for our high-risk processing.

Of course, PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc. are what is known as a “low risk” processing solution.

This means, according to their terms and conditions you are absolutely not allowed to sell or purchase a high-risk product on their platform(s). If anyone is caught utilizing their banking account or payment processing platform for high risk products, it can be completely closed down without notice. 

This is why we respect and protect your bank account in the safest way we know how. We offer e-Checks with our corporate business name "Chi-Town Blossom" to process your payments so that your bank does not suspect your account of suspicious activity. The marijuana industry is truly a cash ran industry and eventually banks will allow for card transactions. Until then, we accept your banking account number and banking routing number to transfer the funds, or Square Credit/Debit processing, who is a CBD High Risk Merchant account processor. We will still process your order same day or next day. 

We look forward to your order!