We offer a variety of quality, tested products available in compliant packaging ready for sale in your dispensary or retail store.

All Chi-Town Blossom’s flower and consumer packaged goods can be packaged in bulk and ready for mass distribution throughout the U.S.


It starts with the marijuana plant. Chi-Town Blossom's indoor-grown flower are grown with no harsh chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides.


Chi-Town Blossom, LLC is licensed at every level of the processing, manufacturing, and distribution process and all our products are third party lab tested.


All Chi-Town Blossom flower and product packaging is child-resistant and FDA compliant.


Want your own product line and label on your orders?  We can take care of the processing, manufacturing, packaging, distributing, and retail services. Our Private Labeling Program starts with a first order of 40 jars labeled with your logo, and with custom packaging for you. Our Private Labeling Fee is $2,000 to set you up as a merchant and $2,500 for label design, product selection, packaging, and shipping to you. We offer financing for this option on a 3,6, or 9-month financing program.



With our wholesaler’s options, you as the retailer are provided a discounted merchant account to purchase our product by the jar. All of our strains are to aide in relieving stress, depression, pain, anxiety, and other mental and physical illnesses. You will have the option to choose which strains work best for your clientele and if you want your product to be ZERO PERCENT THC or 3% percent. There is no startup fee to become a wholesaler with Chi-Town Blossom. You can choose to buy in bulk or save more money and time by doing a monthly package to keep your shelves stocked.


  • Proof of state issued LLC/Article of Organizations or Assumed Name. 
  • EIN issued by IRS.gov.
  • Proof of a business bank account with a letter from bank stating the business name and applicant name is on account. 
  • Proper licensing number such as: business sales tax license issued by state or cannabis dispensary/processor/infuser/ license number
  • If you are a private label client, you will need to obtain your State Issued or US Department of Agriculture Hemp Processors Licenses (we can help you obtain that)


Review our Wholesaler’s Pricing List Once done, apply by clicking below.

Wanting to get started with your wholesaling/private label account with Chi-Town Blossom? Fill out the application form with your provided documents for the requirements and we will get you started. Once we received the application you will have access to our discounted wholesalers portal on the website to be able to process your orders for your store. Need help with this? Call us at 331-215-0720 or view our checklist for steps to become a wholesaler or private labeler.

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